The Journey - Some Details

Our journeys all take place in and around the Spionkop Mountain / Spionkop Game Reserve / Winterton / Central Drakensberg areas. Here we have access to mainly privately owned land. Our farmers are an integral part of the successes of our trips and have bought into these journeys with great enthusiasm.

Essentially the journeys are a self supported point-to-point expedition, entirely under ones own power, that include hiking, paddling, MTB or horse-riding during the day. Nights are spent in tents in campsites, some more formal with flush toilets and hot showers, others with long drop toilets and rivers or dams to wash in.

These journeys are designed to extend the kids both mentally and physically, taking them out of their comfort zones. Group sizes will never be more that 20 kids with 2 adults (teachers from the school). Each day the nominated leaders will make the decisions for that 24hr period. Decisions include wake up times, meal plans, navigation, and overall responsibility for camp hygiene and group dynamics. A daily de-brief in the afternoons is often a great time for the team to reflect on the days activities.

We also factor in solos or solitaire (each child is not able to see or communicate with anyone else). These periods are essential for self reflection. Some shorter solos can be only an hour long, some can be as long as 36 hours.

The team ethos of these journeys cannot be stressed enough, the groups have to stick together at all times and each task needs to be achieved by the entire team.

The psychologists who have studied these journeys tell us the longer the better, and suggest that for best results the ideal minimum trip length is 19 days. School has got much busier nowadays and we are often only allowed a shorter window. Our shortest trip is 3 days and longest is 21 days.