Safety First!

Safety first - Safety is what we prioritise, every day, on every journey, everywhere - it is simply not negotiable.

We have, through our public liability cover with SATIB , access to Africa’s leading Remote Incident Management Centre (SATIB24 Crisis Call). A 24 hour call centre allows any incident to be managed with one phone call from our side. Doctors and Paramedics, who have specialised in Remote Incident Management, are at the other end of the line. It is no surprise that SATIB’s client list include Wilderness Safaris, Africa’s biggest and most extensive top-end photographic safari operator.

These Doctors can then facilitate consultation with subject matter experts e.g. snake bites

SATIB have payment guarantees already in place with all their service providers. That means that we are not made to wait for insurance approval before we put choppers or air ambulances into the air, or dispatch ground ambulances or specialists to the scene.

The SATIB24 Crisis Call team deals with emergency calls daily from all corners of Africa. They ensure the first decisions that are made are the right ones; they assume control, shoulder liability while our staff focus on assisting and comforting the remaining kids. They remain in control throughout the process and are not merely a dispatch / Assistance Company i.e. activates an ambulance of sorts.

Together with us they put together an Incident Action Plan and a comprehensive Risk Assessment (for each Journey) which they then manage from stabilisation to hospitalisation, trauma counselling and media management. SATIB have built up vast experience over the years, handling in excess of 5,000 cases (currently around 150 cases a month).

Kids are in no better hands should an incident occur on our trips.