From the Horse's Mouth...

Don’t believe everything we say - let the kids, teachers and parents tell you some stories.......

"Our school has been working with Lee and the Tugela Rivers team for two years, and can't recommend him highly enough. He has a great rapport with the students, is highly knowledgeable about the bush and really goes out of his way to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Lee is very approachable and open to suggestions and works hard to build relations with everybody."

David Chilton
MYP Coordinator
Luanda International School

“I am so happy I came on the journey. I have learnt so much about myself, about people I wouldn’t normally talk to, about life and about nature. I personally think that this journey is one of the best things that could’ve possibly happen to me at the moment and I thank you for making it possible”

Caitlin, St Mary’s DSG

“It’s only day 11 now (solo day) and already us girls have benefitted enormously from this 21 day adventure. We are all starting to appreciate everyday luxuries that we have at home and we’re starting to see the world from a different view and realise the effects we have on our wonderful earth”

Laura, St Mary’s DSG

“The places and views I have seen I cannot find words to describe and I will cherish those moments forever”

Ceara, St Mary’s DSG

“I cannot even begin to thank you enough for your enormous role in this life changing experience. I don’t even know you, yet you have impacted my life in many different ways so graciously and I now consider you my friend”

Katelin, St Mary’s DSG

“I have truly enjoyed all aspects of the journey and even though there were a lot of tough and difficult times, it made each girl grow and become stronger people for it”

Megan, St Mary’s DSG

“I know we’ve all learnt to appreciate everything life throws at us - good times and bad”

Liane, St Mary’s DSG

“It all ran so smoothly and it wouldn’t have been so successful without your efforts. Thank you for facilitating our whole journey, we really appreciate all the behind the scenes work, you really did have our best interests at heart”

Group 3, St Anne’s Diocesan College

“Even though the Great Adventure was a while back, your knowledge on rhinos is still entrenched in our minds. Rhino conservation is very important in South Africa and around the world but doesn’t receive enough discussion. You are doing a great job by changing the current situation for the better. After your talk we have become more aware of what is going on and we thank you for this. With your knowledge we too can help create positive changes for the rhinos. If rhinos could speak, they would thank you every day for what you do for them, I can tell you that the rhinos do love you”

Group 4, St Anne’s Diocesan College

“At first,we were doubtful about the whole idea, but we learnt to appreciate the small things that we usually take for granted. Now that we look back on it, we realise how much effort and planning this must have taken, and for that, we are truly grateful. This adventure has changed our opinions for the better on many things. We also appreciate your inspiring talk on rhino poaching, it really opened our eyes to what is happening around us”

Laura, Chelsea, Kiana, St Anne’s Diocesan College

“Your generosity helped make this a most successful school event. The Grade 9’s are so chuffed with themselves, many saying that, should they put their minds to it, they can achieve more than they believed they were capable of. I appreciated your open-mindedness to our suggestions and your candidness and honesty at all times. The support ladies were incredibly complimentary of all that you did and the manner in which you ran ‘the show”. You certainly gave them much confidence.”

Cathy Thomson
Deputy Head: Pupil Affairs & Gr 9 Journey Organiser, The Wykham Collegiate

“Sarah has come home absolutely exhausted, but full of stories, laughs and adventures. She has only had positive things to say about her experience, and is so pleased that she has done the journey and says she surprised herself by her coping skills. It sounds as if lots of bonding was done in between the physical challenges and we really appreciate the time and effort that you all put in.”

Parent, The Wykham Collegiate

“This journey of self discovery has given Erin and I am sure others a chance to restore her sense of self outside of the academic environment. When asked what was the best part of the Journey, in her own words " The Leadership day - Mum I was right out of my comfort zone but it was awesome" That is such a testimony to what this Journey can do for the child who doesn't shine academically but can find a sense of achievement outside of this arena. Thank you. Of course the highlight was the dairy farm - go figure!!! Please extend my thanks to all the staff of Group 2 who had such a positive impact on Erin and made this trip "the best Trip I have ever had"

Parent, The Wykham Collegiate

“Thank you for such an invaluable experience, these lessons taught to Hannah on the Journey will never be forgotten.
To mention some of Han’s comments:- ‘Mum I’ll never complain again…I’m so grateful for my bed…and I LOVE oats!’(it’s taken me 15 years of trying). Thank you to you all. She has come home with a deeper understanding of the girls around her and a love for the outdoors. “

Parent, The Wykham Collegiate

“We had the whole diary read to us last night and Meg just kept saying "I was brave - I did things I never thought I could do!". She has made new friends and learnt so many skills and attitudes. It will certainly empower her going forward. Tim's comment was "Our money was definitely well spent!"

Parent, The Wykham Collegiate

“ A really true outdoor experience with a dynamic leader learning how to navigate using a compass, set up a tent, make a fire good enough to cook something, follow animal tracks amongst many other activities. And this is when you’re only 9!”

Laura Fleishack, Clifton Nottingham Road Grade 3 Teacher